this one’s for you.

It all began in 2009 with the kind of distress every parent knows too well — a stubborn, painful diaper rash on our firstborn son, Beckett. As a new dad and engineer at heart, I was determined to find a solution amid a sea of inadequate products filled with harsh chemicals. Refusing to settle, I channeled my passion for crafting into creating something better, something pure.

The kitchen counter transformed into my workshop. It was here, surrounded by flour and flowers, I meticulously perfected our first product — a simple, organic diaper rash powder. Just five organic ingredients were all it took to soothe Beckett's discomfort, proving that sometimes, less is more. This initial creation marked the start of Mavey Jaymes, named affectionately after our third child and only daughter, Maven Jaymes.

Years of love and innovation later, we have grown into a family brand dedicated to providing clean, nurturing products for parents like you, who seek reliability and quality. Each product in our line is a testament to our commitment to simplicity and safety, used and trusted in our own home.

Mavey Jaymes was born out of our love for our son and named after our daughter. But it was built for you, parents—for your family, from ours.

You've got this,