Rethinking Diaper Rash: High Quality Baby Powder Vs. Diaper Cream

Rethinking Diaper Rash: High Quality Baby Powder Vs. Diaper Cream

For generations, parents have sought the best ways to protect their babies from the discomfort of diaper rash—a common ailment that can cause irritability and sleepless nights. But is a cream, paste, or powder the best solution for dealing with diaper rash, and why? When we first crafted our Powder, we had tried just about every cream, paste, powder and remedy on the market. Here is what we found: 

Understanding Diaper Rash: A Moisture Dilemma

Diaper rash is often the result of prolonged exposure to wetness. When a baby's delicate skin is kept in a moist environment for too long, it becomes more susceptible to irritation, leading to the red, sore skin associated with diaper rash. While diaper creams can act as a barrier, they don't address the root cause—excess moisture. In fact, a diaper cream or paste - like any moisture-based product - can just as easily trap moisture against the skin, worsening the very problem it is designed to solve. 

The Absorptive Power of Baby Powder

Baby powders, particularly those made from natural and organic ingredients like the arrowroot and calendula found in Mavey Jaymes Powder, work partly by absorbing excess moisture in the diaper area. By keeping the skin dry, baby powder significantly reduces the risk of diaper rash developing in the first place, and helps remove the moisture that contributes to the growth of bacteria. Growing concern about unsafe ingredients like talc in some baby powders has left many parents struggling with messy diaper pastes, but our all-organic, talc-free Powder is both skin-safe and often more effective.

Benefits Beyond Dryness

Mavey Jaymes Powder not only addresses the moisture concern but also soothes the skin. Ingredients such as calendula and chamomile provide natural anti-inflammatory benefits, calming irritation and promoting healing. These botanicals offer gentle relief for tender skin, enhancing the powder's protective qualities.

Ease of Use and Comfort

Applying baby powder is often easier and less messy than using diaper cream, making diaper changes quicker and more comfortable for both parent and baby. Powder leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth, without the sticky residue that creams can leave behind. For babies who are particularly sensitive to touch during diaper rash flare-ups, the light application of powder can be more comfortable than spreading cream on sore skin.

A Natural and Safe Solution

With growing concerns about the ingredients in baby products, Mavey Jaymes' commitment to organic, talc-free, and filler-free baby powder provides parents with peace of mind. The natural formulation ensures that your baby is not exposed to potentially harmful chemicals, making it a safer choice for daily use.


While diaper creams have their place in baby care routines, understanding diaper rash as primarily a moisture problem highlights the superiority of baby powder as a preventative and treatment option. Mavey Jaymes Powder, with its organic, moisture-absorbing, and skin-soothing ingredients, offers an effective and natural solution to keep your baby's skin dry, comfortable, and rash-free. Embrace the shift toward a more informed approach to diaper rash care, where the gentle, drying power of high quality baby powder plays a pivotal role in nurturing your baby's delicate skin.

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